Refinishing the surfaces in your house is a cost-effective and sufficient way to upgrade your residential property. If you’re considering making improvements to your home, remodeling is not always the answer. NuFinishPro offers premium shower tile and tub services in the Dallas, TX, area. The benefits of having our crew refinish your shower, tile and bathroom surfaces means a standard savings of about 75% over bathroom construction.

Our processes will revitalize your home, breathing new life into it for less money than traditional home improvements. Along with financial savings, we save time and effort as our shower refinishing methods are not as intrusive as construction is. NuFinishPro refinishing services can consist of the whole shower, the pan and the tiled walls or a single component of your bathroom. With our refinishing specialists in the Dallas, TX, region, a new shower and tub resurface will have your bathroom’s appearance improved.

The Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing Services You Can Trust in Dallas, TX

Shower refinishing services do great things for scraped tiles or crumbling anti-slip coating. If your shower looks like it needs some care, don’t wait to get a professional over to mitigate the problem. Our crew works hard to offer you excellent services that you will be happy with. The shower refinishing services offered by NuFinishPro of Dallas are unparalleled since we handle our tasks with the utmost care and special attention to detail.

Here is a list of the updates our shower refinishing company can make for your home in the Dallas, TX, area:

  • Restore glass shower doors
  • Shower tile repair
  • Resurfacing fiberglass shower pan
  • Shower tub re-glaze
  • Refinish bathroom shower
  • Repairing shower stall
  • Chemically clean shower pan
  • Patch up plumber cut-outs made to shower walls
  • Add drain liners to shower stall
  • Apply non-skid floors
  • Use eco-friendly construction

Our shower refinishing team near the Dallas, TX, area knows the importance of having eco-friendly initiatives. Our products and practices are friendly for the environment in order to avoid more waste in the already overflowing landfills. We’re careful about reducing our carbon footprint and diminishing our part to a contaminated environment. When you choose NuFinishPro’s shower refinishing services, you can be certain we’re recognizing these factors and doing our part to curtail contamination.

Shower refinishing service

Satisfaction for Our Customers is What NuFinishPro is About

Our shower tile refinishing company in Dallas, TX, will let you repair all your shower tub parts. From tiles and grouting to shower pans that need fixing, our professional specialists will carry out any task. Our company has provided services to the Dallas community for 31 years. Our dedicated professionals provide fantastic shower tile refinishing processes that boosts aesthetic appearance and practicality. Contact our professionals for shower tile refinishing services in your area.

Call NuFinishPro for Shower Tile and Tub Refinishing in Dallas

Our clients residing in Dallas, TX can depend on our team of specialists to carry out excellent shower refinishing services. We can enhance the comfort and appearance of your bathroom with a shower tile refinishing. With such a vast array, we’re confident you’ll have the shower you want. Get in touch with NuFinishPro of Dallas at (903) 950-8326 for a free quote.

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