The contractors at NuFinishPro of Dallas have the expertise to execute outstanding bathroom restoration services for your Garland, TX, home. Instead of having an entire bathroom fixture replaced, you can cut back on money and time with help from an experienced bathtub surface refinishing professional. With this cost-effective solution, you can improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom without needing to look for additional funds to complete it. Our bathtub refinishing company could possibly assist property owners to increase their property value by updating their bathroom units. We are prepared and qualified to carry out first-rate renovation services that are durable and dependable.

We can provide thorough chemical cleans to get rid of stuck on rust or calcium ingrained bathtubs for an immaculately fresh appearance. Our crew can refinish every corner of your bathroom, from chipped tiles to scratched fiberglass and any other bathtub units. To learn more about the comprehensive bathroom surface refinishing services we have available, continue reading below.

High-Caliber Bathroom Surface Refinishing Services

Bathrooms are a smaller room in your property where a little restorations can go a long way for improvements. Your tub will age and exhibit indications of diminishment. Scrubbing showers, bathtubs and tile with strong chemicals may sterilize the surface and eradicate germs; however, it does nothing to remove marks that accumulate over time. As you determine it’s time to spruce up your bathroom, we welcome you to learn more about the NuFinishPro technique of bathtub refinishing. Our craftsman offer an array of services that will enliven your tub and improve the property value of your home in a cost-effective manner.

In addition to being economical, our take on it is also environmentally conscious. House remediations fill the country’s landfills with discarded materials. NuFinishPro uses ecological products and minimizes waste. We’re judicious about reducing our carbon emissions, so our textiles and solvents are eco-friendly.

Turn to NuFinishPro of Dallas for the following services:

  • Restoring bathtub
  • Re-glaze tub surface
  • Fix and touch up tub area
  • Repair tile work surfaces
  • Resurface fiberglass bathtub pans
  • Chemically clean bathtub
  • Add drain liners to tubs and showers
  • Apply non-skid traction
  • Utilizes eco-friendly construction strategies

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NuFinishPro of Dallas has served property owners in Garland, TX, for over 31 years and counting with professional bathtub resurfacing. Our crew of talented technicians are prepared to provide you the best in complete bathroom refinishing services. Regardless of the area you want to repair, refinish or restore, our workers have the ability to make it happen with precision and attentiveness. For systematic and orderly bathroom refinishing services at your Garland property, call our competent team at (903) 950-8326 to get a free quote.

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